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Exploring The Internet of Things

Exploring paper & The Internet of Things

Supporting the launch of MOO's NFC-enabled Digital Business Cards, an innovation in the print world. (2015)


Promo video for Business Cards+.



MOO created a way to print Near-Field-Communcation (NFC) chips into paper. This innovation allowed them to launch business cards that, tapped against an NFC enabled device, allowed customers to share digital details (such as portfolio websites, LinkedIn etc). Customers could interact with this data, via a newly-designed dashboard, living on


Business Challenge

MOO had launched experiments around NFC cards back in 2012, but had not made market-facing progress for some time. This product aimed to introduce some brand new interaction styles to the market, so it was impossible to predict whether it would be successful or not. The aim of the launch was to offer some interactions that had been trialled with customers over several months, and see how the wider market would respond to them, and iterate from there. A key focus was using the launch reposition MOO strategically - away from being seen as a print company, toward a more rounded tech player.

Working out the user journey through the product path to purchase.


The Approach & My Role

I hired a very strong interaction designer to the small development team that worked on this at MOO. I supported my designer in feedback and UX practitioner advice, and overall design direction. I helped her design user journeys and advised on interaction patterns and messaging of the new pages she was building out to support the service.

Works in progress. Exploring different applications for the Management modules.



After extensive user evaluation with the trial group, including diary studies and guerrilla style user testing, the product launched on time in late 2015, to industry press, and interest from MOO's customers. The key metric for success of the initial launch was PR buzz, which was achieved. These included Fast Company, Slate and Wired.

Feedback during the build process for Business Cards+.


What I've Learned

Primarily, this was a strategic product for MOO, to start repositioning itself not just as a print company, but as a broader technology group. I had a great opportunity to see how this objective drove the project. This was a wonderful project to work on beyond digital-only, and was a lovely reminder into some of my work and background in ergonomics, and ‘real world’ interaction design.


The Product screen highlighting features and benefits of the new cards.


Key Team Credits

Interaction Designer: Suzy Willis
Year: 2015